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Hydrospeed | Sesia Rafting: rafting, kayak, hydrospeed e canyoning in Valsesia


Sesia Rafting A.S.D.

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It's a "full contact" white water experience, where you'll enjoy river dynamics and waves energy! Clutching a buoyant river sled and wearing flippers, Hydrospeed brings you into close contact with white water.
This is the most involving way to get in touch with the river and, maybe, the easiest way to fall in love with it!
The guide gives all the necessary instructions and signals for the best line to take in the rapids. If a raft is a bus then a Hydrospeed is a Ferrari!
The school supplies wet suits shoes, helmet, life-jacket, jackets, flippers and transport to and from the river. Please bring a swimming costume, a wool T-shirt and all that you need for the shower.

History of riverbording and hydrospeed
Back in the 1970’s in the French Alps, some adventurous raft guides decided that there had to be a more exciting way to “Nage en eau vive,” (translated roughly “swim in the river”) and so they tied together some life jackets and took the plunge into the broiling rapids. Their adventure was such a rush that they started looking for more stable and aerodynamic ways to brave the white-water, and foam boards eventually began to take shape, getting the label of “hydrospeed.”
Around the same time period a California surfer (the aforementioned Robert Carlson) started using boogie boards to “surf” the waves on local rivers during white-water rafting trips. He soon developed his own beefed up version of a boogie board and dubbed it the Carlson River board. It was thicker and more boyant than regular ocean boards, which provided greater stability in the powerful currents of the rapids.
And in still another part of the world, a guide in New Zealand is said to have, well, had the same idea, taking a boogie board and riding down the river…the rest, shall we say, is history? They dubbed their board a “sledge.” It is from this New Zealand design (which is also reminiscent of the original European hydrospeed) that the Rip board gets its origins.


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