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Kayak > First Level

What we offer: a kayak course difficulty I / II level, which alternates theoretical and practical moments. The school provides all the equipment necessary (kayak, paddle, splash guards, neoprene suit, neoprene shoes, water jacket, helmet and buoyancy aid). The students will spend the night at our campsite for the duration of the course.
Who should attend: suitable for beginners as it plans a gradual approach to the technique of river canoeing.
As: a kayak course which provides for the introduction of the boat in still water, testing acquatic, basic concepts of river canoeing.
What to bring: swimsuit, knitted wool or fleece, wool socks and everything needed for the shower.
Duration: 3/4 hours a day for 5 days or 2 days
week (from MON to FRI) 250
t weekend (SAt and SUN) 110

(Discounts if you came with your kayak and equipments)

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