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CreekerDue to its smaller measurements, the Creeker 225 is especially suited for smaller, lighter paddlers who are looking for a safe boat, also for more powerful waters. The pronounced keel in the bow area as well as lengthwise grooves at the stern provide good control when paddling straight on and make the Creeker 225 fast. Flat landings are softer due to the progressive displacement of water.

CrossA boat, in which you feel at ease straight away.Fast, agile and easy to drive on the edge, turns easily and is uncomplicated. Very good buoyancy qualities. The maneuverability and the large volume give the paddler absolute control over his boat in every situation.
Lung. 247 cm. - Largh. 63 cm. - Peso 18.5 Kg. - Pozzetto 86x49 cm. - Volume: 255 lt. Capacità di carico: 95 Kg

HerculesThe Hercules is surprisingly agile, runs well in eddies and boofs effortlessly. The hatch provides an easy emergency exit, also due to non-existing middle wedges. The ideally positioned rim of the cockpit now offers perfect room for the back. Lung. 265cm - Larg. 65cm - Peso 20Kg - Pozzetto cm 90 x 49 - Volume: 315 lt Capacità: 125 Kg

SaltoLung. 245 cm. - Largh. 64 cm. - Peso 18 Kg. Pozzetto 93x45 cm.

WizardWhatever you intend to do, the Wizard goes along. An ergonomic seating position which can be adjusted in the best possible way, offers the basis for getting used to the Wizard very quickly. Everything else is done by the boat. Surfing in a playful way on the wave, gliding down a creek in a sporty way, the Wizard makes it possible. Find your line, the Wizard will never stand against you. The interaction of best possible performance and the almost indestructible material HTP guarantees fun on all creeks.
Lung. 235 cm. - Largh. 63 cm. - Peso 17 Kg. - Pozzetto 86x49 cm.- Volume: 230 lt Capacità di carico: 90 Kg

ZuluLunghezza 240cm - larghezza 63.5 cm - peso 17 Kg Pozzetto 86 x 48 cm

Water DevilKayak di piccole dimensioni , con il massimo del volume a prua, permette di ottenere ottime prestazioni nel gioco sulle acque bianche. Agile nelle manovre sull'onda, veloce e stabile. Sedile ergonomico molto confortevole, schienalino regolabile, puntapiedi in espanso
Lunghezza 195cm - Larghezza 65cm - Peso 15Kg Pozzetto: 86x49 cm - Capacità di carico: 85/90 Kg

PureIl pure e' un kayak da acque bianche, anche di massimo grado , con uno scafo dalla linea moderna. ideato da Tony Prijon e sviluppato dal Prijon Whitewater Team. Kajak che unisce all' alta affidabilita' la durata del collaudato materiale htp della ditta prijon, garantito 5 anni
Lunghezza: 259 cm. - Larghezza: 67 cm. - Peso: 18,5 Kg. circa - Volume: 298 lt. - Pozzetto: 85 x 49 cm. - Capacità di carico: fino a 85 Kg

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